Pre Purchase Inspection

SHUPOM will carry out a thorough inspection on the car of your choice based on our trademark SHUPOM-PPI critical check points especially in the area of engine, transmission, body work and possible test drive by our team of professional and qualified inspectors.

*Remember we represent you and not the seller.

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Please make appointment with car seller and notify that SHUPOM will conduct full car inspection, ECU check, paint coatingcheck and test drive approximately 2HR. Please fill in the details and please notify us 1 day before inspection date.

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Please wait for our WhatsApp confirmation. We will send you a payment link after confirmation and please enter your email, phone number and car model for recipient reference.
Thank you - SHUPOM Team


Thank you for choosing our service. Our professional inspectors will contact the seller to carry out SHUPOM-PPI 150 points inspection with professionalism and integrity.

Our mission is to deliver your report within 2 days if the car is in Klang Valley and 3 days for the rest of Malaysia.



SHUPOM inspection DOES NOT INVOLVED in back ground check of cars involved in court case, police case, insurance write off or any other legal issues.

Hence we strongly advise used car buyers to also inquire the status of the car and mileage with the authorized service center before purchase decision is being made.

Used car buyers should bear in mind a few facts, ideally a used car should have up to date service records if the car is under manufacturer warranty and less than 5 year of age.

Any used cars WITHOUT a up-to-date SERVICE RECORD, the odometer meter (mileage) can be considered inaccurate. SHUPOM inspectors will do the best to judge the car odometer accuracy base on prevailing wear and tear conditions.

If the seller does not allow a test drive, ECU diagnostic test, paint depth check, it is best that the buyer look for other cars from different sellers.

SHUPOM inspector could detect paint touch up and panel repair but we won't be able to predict the severity of the damage before the repair.

SHUPOM inspector will report existing condition of the car with integrity to assist your buying decision, but SHUPOM inspector will not issue BUY or NOT TO BUY recommendations.

All our findings are valid at the time of inspection. We will not be liable for any defects thereafter.

If this inspection report is not obtained directly from SHUPOM Auto Services, the report can be considered doubtful.

Thank you from SHUPOM TEAM

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